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New Years’ resolutions for your teeth

14th January 2013

Here’s the year to begin taking better care of your teeth. You might brush twice a day and floss when you remember to; but don’t forget that bad dental h ealth can affect your overall health in big ways, and lead to major surgery that is expensive and painful. Here are some tips:

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Top 5 celebrity smiles of 2012

2nd January 2013

With the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, the discovery of Gangnam Style and the release of The Hobbit, 2012 gave us plenty to smile about. So which were the best grins of the year? Let’s have a look back over the famous smiles that lit up 2012: 1. Catherine, Duchess of…

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Four healthy early Christmas presents for your teeth

26th November 2012

[Photo by Wysz] Christmas is a season full of hazards for teeth-conscious people – mulled wine, lots of rich food, sweets and treats from parties and at dinner parties can stain your teeth and build up the plaque that causes decay. So don’t leave your teeth behind – treat them to some special Christmas presents…

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How do I look after my baby’s teeth?

18th October 2012

We all know that teething is a delicate and difficult time for babies and their parents – anyone who has been through it will remember the irritation and the tears, the sleepless nights, the rusks and the teething toys. It’s important to remember between all the difficulty that as soon as teeth begin to show…

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Let Ethicare help you look your best in time for the Olympics

19th July 2012

Sports fans attending this summer’s 2012 Olympics could well find themselves picked out by the cameras during TV coverage of the Games. This is one of many reasons why it is so important to look your best during this once-in-a-lifetime occasion! Ethicare can help make sure that Olympic fans radiate health and happiness by offering…

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Ethicare to offer emergency treatment during 2012 Olympics

Short-notice appointments available for Olympic athletes, officials and spectators! The number of athletes, back-up teams and officials who are expected to attend the 2012 Olympic Games is expected to total 40,000. That’s a lot of mouths for the Olympic caterers to feed and the law of averages suggests that some of these participants are bound…

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Fantastic new clear braces product available at Ethicare

21st June 2012

The arrival of i7 means that Invisalign re-alignment treatment is available for as little as £1,500 You’ve heard of the iPhone and the iPad and now it’s time to acquaint yourself with the i7. The i7 is made not by Apple but by Invisalign, a company which has cornered the market in manufacturing clear braces…

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A guide to invisible braces and clear aligners: which braces are best for you?

28th May 2012

Should it be Invisalign, Inman Aligner, Incognito, Damon Braces or Generic Clear Aligners? When you see the fantastic results achieved by invisible braces and aligners it is often an easy choice to opt for treatment involving them. However, the process of choosing which course of treatment is best for you can be more confusing. We…

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Should dentists ask you how much you drink?

26th April 2012

“How much alcohol do you drink per week?” The question, posed by my dentist as he had his back to me, surprised me so much that I presumed it was directed at his dental assistant and just remained silent. He asked again and I realised he was talking to me – the first time I…

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TV review of our kids’ rotten teeth

3rd April 2012

Did you see the documentary Our Kids’ Rotten Teeth on ITV recently? If you don’t want to watch a programme which featured some quite disturbing footage of children’s teeth being extracted but do want to know more about the growing problem of tooth decay among kids then read on…

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