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Discounted cosmetic dentistry, electric toothbrushes and the world’s best toothpaste: some great early Christmas presents that will get your teeth ready for the festive season

Christmas is a challenging time for people who like to look after their teeth. The rich food and mulled wine on offer at office parties and Yuletide family gatherings can leave your teeth with stains which can prove a little hard to shift once the New Year starts.

So why not give your teeth a treat before the season gets into its full swing and make sure that your smile looks great as 2012 arrives?

Here are some suggestions of some fantastic dental products and offers you can pick up as you do your Christmas shopping.

1. Cosmetic dentistry at reduced prices

If you want your teeth to look as sparkling as the fairy lights on the Christmas tree, then bear in mind that the Christmas sales have started early at Putney dentist Ethicare.

The practice is offering expert cosmetic treatment at reduced prices before Christmas, including:

• £200 off Invisalign Treatment
• £100 off Inman Aligner Treatment
• £50 off home whitening treatment
• A free full check-up
• Botox treatment for £250 in three areas, £220 for 2 areas and £180 in one area

Invisalign treatment will be particularly appealing to those who wish to re-align their teeth without wearing braces which are noticeable as Invisalign Braces are clear and discreet. It is hard to spot someone who has braces made by Invisalign. London really is the place to go for reduced offers such as these.

2. An electric toothbrush

If you haven’t got an electric toothbrush already then now really is the time to brush up on what’s available and invest in one. Plump for a model with a removable rather than a fixed head. Doing this allows the head to be replaced when the bristles start to turn outwards and means the brush doesn’t have to be binned when this happens.

For those looking to really splash out when they go electric then the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush might appeal. This often retails at £200 but with features like a ‘massage setting’ it has proved popular.

At the other end of the price scale are electric products such as the Wisdom Deep Clean Micro Power Toothbrush. This has less whistles and bells than the Sonicare but does retail at under £10.

3. The world’s ‘best’ toothpaste

If you are going to upgrade your toothbrush then you might as well upgrade your toothpaste too. Oral-B made a lot of waves in July when they released their Pro Expert Toothpaste and, with great fanfare, trumpeted it as being “the best in the world”.

But there is a catch – expense. At launch, Pro-Expert cost an eye-watering £3.50 for a 75ml tube compared to rival Colgate Total Advanced’s £2.39 100ml tube. Different people require different toothpastes – if in doubt, ask your dentist about which toothpaste is right for you.

4. Sports mouthguards

Mouthguards have certainly been in the news this year with several England rugby players being fined for wearing sponsored ones in the World Cup.

These devices are used to prevent injury in contact sports such as hockey, rugby and football. Wearing one can increase your enjoyment of these occasionally rough-and-tumble sports. It also looks very professional to wear one!

Argos stocks cheap mouthguards such as the Shock Doctor Gel Max for just £14.99. You can also seek a dentist who is willing to take an impression of your teeth in order to create a custom-made mouthguard.

With flavoured mouthguards now arriving on the market there are protective oral devices which suit all tastes!

5. Delicious food and drink

With a little planning there is no reason why you can’t consume tasty food and drink which is healthy for your teeth over the Christmas period. Treat yourself to a Christmas hamper of foods which are good for your oral health and you can approach the festive season with increased confidence.

Researchers suggest that Green tea is good for preventing plaque and decay. Studies suggest that it can also reduce bad breath – a nice thought to know for people who like to kiss under the mistletoe.

On the food front, cheese is something which is fine for your smile. Whether it’s crumbly or hard, cheese can help balance your mouth’s pH and produce saliva; killing the bacteria which lurk around the mouth.

And, to end on another positive note, turkey contains phosphorous which helps create our bones system and makes teeth stronger and healthier by protecting from teeth decay.

Have a great Christmas!

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