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Are You A Nervous Dental Patient?

Both Glafcos and Klaudia Tombolis have years of experience working as general dentists. They are great communicators and will listen, understand and empathise with your dental concerns. There are many people who have had a bad dental experience as a child and have a fear of dentists as a result. We have treated many people over the years who are no longer fearful because they have simply had one good experience after the other.

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Topical pre-local anaesthetic is given as required to nervous dental patients. It is true to say however that there are some individuals who require more than simply an understanding approach. We have both Nitrous Oxide laughing gas and Intravenous Sedation available at the practice. We tend to reserve these for very nervous patients or for patients who are having surgical, long or difficult procedures. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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