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Are You A Nervous Dental Patient?

14th June 2018

Both Glafcos and Klaudia Tombolis have years of experience working as general dentists. They are great communicators and will listen, understand and empathise with your dental concerns. There are many people who have had a bad dental experience as a child and have a fear of dentists as a result. We have treated many people…

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What’s In A Kiss?

8th June 2018

A kiss can exchange up to 80 million bacteria. The mouth contains a mixture of both good and bad bacteria, and those ‘bad’ bacteria include the ones that cause cavities and gum disease. Kissing someone who has gum disease or cavity-causing bacteria can cause someone who previously had a low concentration of ‘bad’ bacteria to…

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Get Help for Toothache!

1st June 2018

Toothache has many different causes, effects people in different ways and there is a wide spectrum in severity of tooth pain. Toothache can be caused by receding gums, dental decay, cracked teeth, an abscess caused by infection associated with the tooth or gums, inflammation of the gum around the wisdom tooth, food trapping and countless…

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Ethicare Dental Visit to the Nursery

16th May 2018

Dr. Klaudia Tombolis had an amazing time the other day at one of the nurseries we visited down the road. We were able to meet the young children and speak to them more about how important it is to brush your teeth every day. Many children participated and told us how many times a day…

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Sugar and Tooth Decay

10th May 2018

Sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. As well as being wary of candy and other overtly-sweet foods, check the sugar content of everything from ketchup to yogurt. Don’t forget your allowance is 90g a day, and that includes hidden sugar in foods like fruit and vegetables. 

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White Teeth and Healthy Gums

3rd May 2018

Teeth look yellow when the white enamel is worn down, causing it to become translucent. The weaker the enamel, the more the yellow of the Denton’s beneath colours the tooth. Another way your teeth lose their whiteness is through regular contact with substances that cause surface stains, such as coffee and tobacco. Whitening pastes have a…

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Types Of Teeth

26th April 2018

There are four different types of teeth: Incisors: These are your four front teeth on the top and bottom jaw. They’re used for cutting and chopping food. Canine Teeth: These are sharp, pointy teeth. You have one on each side of your incisors on your top and bottom jaw, making a total of four. They to test…

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Ethicare Dental’s Fun Facts!

19th April 2018

Everyone’s set of teeth are unique to them, just as fingerprints are. Even identical twins can be told apart from their teeth. 74% of all British Adults have had a tooth removed. That works out to be more than 6 million adults who have lost a tooth! This can be changed with regular visits to…

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How does food and drink effect teeth?

12th April 2018

Did you know cheese can protect your teeth? It creates a protective layer around your teeth which neutralises the acid in plaque. Everyone knows wine can stain teeth, but did you know some of the other offenders include Curry Sause, Balsamic Dressing, and Ketchup? Once you have finished drinking wine, make sure you wait an…

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The Cheddar Man

5th April 2018

A cutting-edge scientific analysis shows that a Briton from 10,00 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. Researchers from London’s Natural History museum extracted DNA from Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, which was discovered in 1903. University College London researchers then used the subsequent genome analysis for a facial reconstruction. It underlines…

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