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What happens to your teeth when you eat sweets?

16th February 2018

I saw so many kids after school today spending their pocket money on sweets. Although a sugary sweet certainly tastes great, we all know eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay, but few are exactly aware of how this happens.   It’s not the sugar itself that does the damage, but rather the chain of…

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Dental Porcelain – A piece of Art!

8th February 2018

Porcelain is a dental material used by a dental technician to create biocompatible lifelike dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and veneers for the patient.  Dental crowns are miniature pieces of art! Truly! Here is a giant sculpture by a porcelain artist Rachel Kneebone, named 399 Days. 399 Days, the largest and most ambitious sculpture Kneebone…

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Peppersmith Dental Mints – Help Fight Decay

1st February 2018

Help prevent tooth decay with Peppersmith Dental Mints Thank you Sainsbury’s for having Peppersmith Dental Mints in stock! Tooth Decay happens when bacteria in your mouth consume the sugars we eat. When you eat food containing ordinary sugar (sucrose), it gives bacteria on your teeth energy, allowing them to multiply and start making acids that can…

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How Acidic Is Your Food and Drink?

23rd January 2018

We’ve been testing some common food and drink to see how acidic they are. Acid Test Number One. A lovely glass of refreshing, cold, smooth, citrus Chardonnay. Unfortunately not so good for your teeth. pH 3. I want to cry! Maybe a sugar free chewing gum will help. Acid Test Number Two. This time the…

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Ethicare at Queens Gate Careers Convention

18th December 2017

Klaudia Tombolis attended the Queens Gate Careers Convention on Monday 27th November 2017. Following the success of the two Queen’s Gate Careers Conventions in 2015 and 2016, Queens Gate School held its 3rd Careers Convention on Monday 27th November 2017 from 6.00-7.30pm for girls in the senior school. Klaudia represented the Dentistry career and discussed the different career pathways and routes available…

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Open Evening at Ethicare Dental

1st December 2017

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a Cheese and Wine open evening, in partnership with The Cheese Geek and Majestic Wines! We had loads of fun and would like to thank everyone for coming.  

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Cheese and Wine Open Evening – 23rd November!

31st October 2017

As the nights get longer and the days are colder, many of us are wondering what to do with our evenings. We would like to take the opportunity to remind all our lovely patients about our upcoming Cheese and Wine evening. In case you have not heard or did not receive our email we are…

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New Years’ resolutions for your teeth

14th January 2013

Here’s the year to begin taking better care of your teeth. You might brush twice a day and floss when you remember to; but don’t forget that bad dental h ealth can affect your overall health in big ways, and lead to major surgery that is expensive and painful. Here are some tips:

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Top 5 celebrity smiles of 2012

2nd January 2013

With the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, the discovery of Gangnam Style and the release of The Hobbit, 2012 gave us plenty to smile about. So which were the best grins of the year? Let’s have a look back over the famous smiles that lit up 2012: 1. Catherine, Duchess of…

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Four healthy early Christmas presents for your teeth

26th November 2012

[Photo by Wysz] Christmas is a season full of hazards for teeth-conscious people – mulled wine, lots of rich food, sweets and treats from parties and at dinner parties can stain your teeth and build up the plaque that causes decay. So don’t leave your teeth behind – treat them to some special Christmas presents…

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