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Dental Bridges involve using the tooth/teeth next to a gap in order to replace the lost tooth. There are various types of designs of dental bridgework that can be placed.

A resin bonded bridge is the least destructive of all the designs and involves minimal removal of tooth structure. They can be used to replace lost teeth at the back of the mouth or at the front. Resin bonded bridges are not commonly placed at the back because the forces are greater and these kinds of bridges can come away. They tend to be reserved for replacing teeth at the front either on a temporary basis prior to restoration of implants or on a permanent basis.

Fixed bridges are far more destructive to the teeth but are much more likely to stay in place. The problem with cutting down the teeth so severely is that this may mean that root canal treatment will be required in these teeth at some stage in the future.

Fewer bridges are done these days because of the advantages of implants but in some instances they may be the preferred option. Bridgework can either have a metal substructure with porcelain on top. All ceramic bridges are now stronger than they ever used to be and a fantastic cosmetic result can be achieved.


Fixed Bridge

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