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Covid-19 update / remote (including video) emergency care

During the Covid-19 health emergency we are using this page to publish useful information for patients. There will also be various links and videos I am producing. Please contact us if anything requires clarification:

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The Chief Dental Officer for NHS England has stated that Dentists should stop seeing patients for routine and emergency treatments requiring person to person contact and to now offer care remotely. This remote care is for emergency care primarily. It will come in the form of

1. Advice

2. Suggestions for Analgesia (pain relief)

3. Prescribing Antibiotics.

This remote care can be via a telephone conversation and text messaging but we are also happy to communicate via video online conferencing.

We are also happy to carry out cosmetic consultations remotely and even remote consultations with Orthodontist Dr Priti Acharya. In the first instance please email us:

There will be no charge for advice by phone, text or email with our practice owner – Dr Glafcos Tombolis. Video conferencing will also be available free with him if you want to discuss the emergency or have a free cosmetic consultation in this way. If an appropriate prescription needs to be arranged there will be a small charge. Video conferencing can also be arranged with our Orthodontist Dr Priti Acharya. Once again there will be a small fee for this. Any fees will be discussed via email before going ahead.

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