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Crooked Teeth

mouth-careWe have found over the years that more and more people are becoming concerned about crooked teeth. Whereas in the past orthodontic treatment seemed to be restricted to children in their teenage years more and more adults are now undergoing treatment to straighten teeth. This may be because people are becoming more conscious about there appearance or because there are now more options than ever before or because there are now more affordable orthodontic orthodontic options.

In the past people opted for the quick fix of porcelain veneers to solve the problem of crooked teeth because of extended orthodontic treatment times and because metal braces look unsightly. These days there are various ways to carry out teeth straightening using methods which are almost invisible to the eye and treatment times have come down. These methods include various symptoms such as Invisalign or generic clear aligner systems, The inman aligner, lingual braces or ceramic braces.

Klaudia Tombolis can carry out a free Orthodontic consultation to assess you for Invisalign, clear aligners or Inman aligner. If your case is too complex for these treatment options or would not fully meet your treatment wants or needs we will refer you to our Orthodontist for a consultation to have braces.

It is not only cosmetic issues which can be solved once teeth are straightened. often crooked teeth are much harder to keep clean as cleaning between the teeth is much more difficult and gum disease and dental decay can occur as result.

I would say that veneers and crowns are now the last resort when it comes to straighten teeth simply because of the consequences which can occur as a result of having veneers or crowns. There should often be other issues going on before these options are considered such as severely discoloured teeth or very heavily filled teeth, so that aligning the teeth alone would not solve the cosmetic problem in these cases.

If you are interested in getting straighter teeth please go to the invisalign clear braces, generic clear aligners, inman aligner or orthdontist section.

Please click on crowns or veneers if you are interested in these options.

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