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, Crowns

These are often used to strengthen and protect broken down teeth and are essential in many situations. However the preparation for a tooth is destructive and should only be considered if necessary. Many teeth which have been traumatised by placing crowns can suffer long term damage and further treatment is then required.

In some situations where cosmetics are an issue, placing a crown may be the only option and a decision should be made as to whether the cosmetic advantage out weighs the potentially negative effects.

Crowns containing porcelain can be made to look absolutely beautiful and realistic, but in areas which are not visible gold crowns are an alternative. These are less destructive to the tooth and wear the opposing teeth less.

The kind of porcelain crowns we use are extremely lifelike and the brands we commonly use are Procera, Empress and Emax.

If teeth are missing one of the options available is bridgework. Minimal preparation or maryland bridges involve minimal removal of tooth structure, other types of bridgework do involve more destructive removal of tooth structure.

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