Secure, natural looking restorations for missing teeth

One of the options for replacing missing teeth is to use stable and natural looking complete or partial dentures. They are often used in cases where multiple teeth are missing. There is no doubt that dentures have come a long way since the false teeth of yesteryear, and the modern materials we use are far superior in quality.

Premium quality cosmetic dentures instil confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking and laughing. They are carefully created over a series of appointments, including a comprehensive consultation, using precise impressions to ensure your final dentures are secure, comfortable and exactly as you envisioned.

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What types of dentures are available?

At Ethicare Dental, we use three main types of denture – acrylic, cobalt chrome and valplast. Depending on your individual case, we can create partial dentures that blend beautifully with your existing smile, and aesthetic complete dentures that pass for real teeth.

  • Valplast Flexible Dentures

    Valplast flexible dentures contain no metal, making them a very cosmetic choice. They are thin, lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear due to the flexible material creating a snug fit. Valplast dentures are strong, durable and minimally invasive, with no tooth or tissue preparation needed.

  • Cobalt Chrome Dentures

    Strong and stable, consisting of a metal base plate with acrylic teeth attached. Cobalt chrome dentures sit around your existing teeth, and can be made with attachments to hold onto these teeth for extra support. Cobalt chrome dentures are close fitting, hygienic, thin and precise, although the metal components can make them more visible in the mouth.

  • Acrylic Dentures

    Comfortable and a more affordable choice, acrylic dentures are able to be easily moulded to fit precisely and adjusted if necessary. They are not as durable as other types of denture, but can be strengthened using metal meshwork. While they can pass for real teeth, acrylic dentures can feel bulky and are not as natural looking as other types, which is reflected in the lower cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can eat with your dentures in. It may feel tricky at first, particularly if you have a complete set of dentures, but you will soon get used to the feeling of them in your mouth. We recommend starting with softer foods and slowly introducing other items until you are eating normally again.

  • You will likely notice some changes in your speech at first, but this will be temporary. You can practise speaking aloud at home or in front of a mirror, and before long you will be used to the feel of the denture in your mouth and be speaking clearly again.

  • We will give you tailored and detailed advice on how to care for your dentures at your final appointment. They are hard wearing but do need to be treated with care. You can clean your dentures with a toothbrush or denture brush, remembering to clean your gums and any remaining teeth too. You will need to remove your dentures before you go to bed, and make sure they are stored in water or denture fluid so they do not dry out.

  • Modern dentures are more secure than ever before, but if they become loose, or you are worried about this occurring, there are ways to help. We can use dental implants to hold your dentures firmly in place. Implants are anchored to your jawbone, giving an incredibly solid foundation for your dentures fixed on top. Please talk to us if you are interested in this option.

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