Durable and reliable repairs for decayed teeth

Both traditional amalgam (silver colour) and modern composite (white) fillings are available at Ethicare Dental. Both types are reliable, effective and restore function to teeth suffering from damage and decay.

From a medical and environmental point of view there are those that argue against the use of amalgam. The view taken at Ethicare Dental is that there are certain situations when placing amalgam would be of greater benefit to the tooth, and others where composite would be more appropriate.

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Amalgam filling

Which type of filling should I choose?

Amalgam fillings are the traditional choice, generally harder, stronger and more durable than composite. However, they are often more destructive to place than white fillings and so the type of filling should be chosen depending on the situation. Often if you are concerned with aesthetics, or want your filling to be virtually invisible in your mouth, it might be better to choose a composite filling.

In situations where more tooth structure has been lost, a dental filling, whether it be made of amalgam or composite, is not appropriate. In these cases, a restoration is required that not only fills the tooth but also protects the remaining tooth structure and adequately closes the contact between one tooth and the adjacent tooth. This can be done in the form of an onlay or crown.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort during treatment, and ensure you are relaxed before we begin. You shouldn’t feel any pain, but your tooth may be slightly more sensitive for a few days after treatment.

  • If you have a composite filling, small chips and breaks can easily be repaired. As composite bonds to itself as well as to your tooth, it is very easy to mend small areas of damage in a single appointment. Amalgam fillings are more difficult to repair. If it is damaged, your dentist may need to remove the existing filling and replace it. In this case, we may discuss changing your amalgam filling to a composite one.

  • In some circumstances the answer is yes. If the patient has an allergy to amalgam or it is felt that an immunological problem is occurring as a result of its presence, replacing amalgam is an option and should be seriously considered. We can also replace amalgam with composite if the patient would like to take advantage of the aesthetic qualities.

    However, there are some instances where it may not be suitable. Especially where there is already a deep filling, it is possible that replacing the filling could further traumatise the nerve within the tooth so that it would then require further treatment. A decision needs to be made between the cosmetic advantage and the risks involved, the smaller and shallower the filling the less the risk.

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