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People often ask us what will happen during the hygiene appointment. This will be different for each individual since the hygienist will follow a tailored prescription created by the referring dentist. At the moment patients cannot see the hygienists without a proper prescription by the dentist. If you want to continue to see your own dentist for general check ups but would like to see our hygienists we will need a suitable prescription.

Our hygienist will monitor the condition of your gums. We give you the appropriate oral hygiene advice and instruction, as well as dietary advice. We clean with an ultrasonic scaling device, removing tartar deposits from hard to reach areas, using local anaesthetic if required. Areas of more stubborn staining can be gently removed with our air abrasion system, which uses a targeted stream of compressed air, water and bicarbonate.

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Hygiene Treatment Information

  • Essentials

    30 minute appointment

    Oral hygiene advice tailored to you, with manual scaling and polishing. Ideal for the regular hygiene patient who doesn’t build up too much tartar or staining.

  • Essentials

    45 minute appointment

    A slightly longer appointment, offering a similar service for patients who want that little bit extra and don’t want the ultrasonic scaler used, which can cause sensitivity.

  • Diamond Essentials

    30 minute appointment

    Ultrasonic scaling, manual scaling, polishing and tailored oral hygiene advice. Ideal for regular hygiene patients whose teeth tend to stain or build up tartar readily.

  • Diamond Essentials

    45 minute appointment

    A slightly longer appointment for patients who haven’t been to the hygienist for a while or could do with that little bit extra and tend to deposit tartar and staining readily.

  • Super Diamond Essentials

    60 minute appointment

    During this appointment we use the ultrasonic scaler and innovative airflow to get rid of any staining, give tailored oral hygiene advice and polish the teeth. This is suitable for patients who have a lot of staining due to factors including smoking and red wine. It is not suitable or necessary for everyone and we would recommend booking in for a check up first to see if this is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may feel some discomfort during treatment with our ultrasonic scaling device, but we use local anaesthetic to minimise this and ensure you feel at ease throughout your appointment. In contrast, airflow treatment is completely pain free, gently removing stains with a jet of compressed water, air and bicarbonate particles.

  • We will let you know how long you should leave between your hygiene appointments, based on your individual case. In general, they fall in the same intervals as your regular dental check up appointments, but we may advise some patients to attend more or less frequently.

  • The aim of a traditional hygiene appointment is not to whiten teeth, but you may find your teeth look brighter and healthier when the stubborn plaque and tartar has been removed. If you have airflow treatment, this is designed to gently remove stains too. If you are interested in teeth whitening, please talk to us about your options.

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