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At Ethicare Dental we are proud to have a specialist oral surgeon working at our practice. Dr Yvonne Szysko is expert at removing difficult wisdom teeth and any tooth which, for a number of reasons, may be considered complex. She can also carry out a variety of soft tissue surgery, bone grafting/augmentation and sinus elevation. If a tooth has not responded well to root canal therapy, an apicectomy procedure can also be performed.

For nervous patients, or for long and complex procedures treatment can be carried out using IV sedation. Dr Szysko can also carry out anti wrinkle treatment in the upper third of the face, and fillers to deal with lines and wrinkles.

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Why do I need oral surgery?

There are a variety of reasons why you may be treated by Dr Szysko. Possibly the most common oral surgery procedure is extracting large or embedded teeth that cannot be removed by dental forceps alone.

  • Wisdom teeth removal

    If you have an impacted wisdom tooth causing you pain or affecting the alignment and positioning of your other teeth, it can be surgically extracted. Using local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable, a small cut is made in your gum to access and remove your tooth.

  • Tooth extraction

    Sometimes, if we cannot save a badly decayed or damaged tooth using restorative treatments, it will need to be extracted. Oral surgery is used for teeth that have broken off at the gum line or have not emerged. We make a small cut in the gum to successfully extract the tooth from its socket.

  • Bone grafts

    Some patients who are considering implant treatment may not have sufficient bone volume in their jaw to ensure a successful procedure. We can replenish the bone, using synthetic material or taking it from elsewhere in your body, to help provide the stability needed.

  • Sinus lifts

    In some implant cases, the upper jaw does not have enough bone density to provide support and you may need a sinus lift. This involves lifting the floor of the sinus so there is space for bone grafting material to be placed. This gives more bone material for the implant to fuse to, creating a much firmer foundation for the replacement tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Oral surgery can be painful, but we do all we can to minimise and manage this. All our surgical procedures are carried out using local anaesthetic to numb the area so you cannot feel us working. We take the time to help you feel comfortable in the chair before we begin your oral surgery, and check how you are feeling throughout the treatment.

  • It’s completely normal to feel nervous about having an oral surgery procedure. We see many patients who have concerns or worries. We understand how you are feeling, and take the time to help you feel more ready for treatment with our careful and caring manner. We are very happy to talk to you further about the ways we can help – please get in touch.

  • If you have a problem tooth that needs surgical attention, this will likely be picked up at your regular dental check up, or following emergency treatment. We keep you informed about any further appointments you need, and are happy to discuss further if needed.

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