Ideal discreet treatment for minimal tooth movement

If you have one or two teeth out of alignment and the teeth require minimal movement, you may wish to consider having a couple of clear aligners constructed for a very low cost, from just £350. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be expensive or take long to do.

Generic clear aligners are often an option if the orthodontic movement you require is minimal. The Invisalign process involves using very expensive software to produce a series of aligners from start to finish. Invisalign has a patent for this technology, and the costs for treatment are higher.

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Clear aligner on model
Dentist fitting clear aligner

How do clear aligners work?

During your first appointment, we take impressions and images of your teeth which are sent to a dental laboratory. The lab uses the impressions to create your accurate and comfortable custom made aligners. Clear aligners are generally used for minor orthodontic corrections, which would otherwise be more expensive through the Invisalign process.

You wear each clear aligner full time, for up to 22 hours per day, only removing to eat, drink and clean your teeth. This allows the gradual and gentle forces to get to work, bringing your teeth into straighter positions to achieve your dream smile.

Your treatment is complete when you have worn your last aligner and your new smile is ready to show off. We give you a final retainer to keep your teeth straight for the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aligner treatments tend to take longer than conventional fixed braces to achieve the same result, but more and more patients are opting for aligners due to their superior aesthetics and the fact that their straightening treatment is not obvious when worn.

  • Clear aligners are not at all painful to wear. In fact, with no metal present, they are a lot more comfortable than traditional fixed braces. You may experience some soreness when your aligners are first fitted, as you get used to wearing them, but this is temporary.

  • In order to keep your treatment on track, you should wear your clear aligners full time. However, you can remove them to eat, drink anything other than plain water, and clean both your teeth and the aligners. You should aim to be wearing your aligners for 22 hours per day.

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