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One of the options for replacing missing teeth is providing our patients with complete or partial dentures. This is often done where multiple teeth are missing. There is no doubt that dentures have come along way since the false teeth of yesteryear and materials that are used these days have improved in quality. The dentures that we construct are of 3 main types at Ethicare Dental- Acrylic, Cobalt chrome and Valplast dentures. Acrylic dentures can be strengthened with metal meshwork.


valplast-flexible-dentureProduct Description

  • Retention – flexes into a retentive position
  • Comfort – thin, lightweight and flexible.
  • Esthetics – pink shades that allow patient’s natural gum show through the nylon material.
  • Strength – clinically unbreakable, more durable than acrylic and won’t absorb stains or odors.
  • Ease – no tooth or tissue preparation is required so you can offer patients a conservative and pain-free solution.

Denture repairs can be carried out in one working day. If you need an emergency removal of a tooth the immediate denture will be fitted on the same day as the tooth is removed.

Gone are the days when denture teeth looked like a set of gravestones. Cosmetic Dentures can be made to look beautifully realistic and beautiful.


cosmetic-denturesPremium quality cosmetic precision dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking and laughing.

Dentures are often worn as a temporary situation prior to placing and restoring implants. However in some situations, for instance where surgery has been carried out dentures cannot be worn. In this situation a clear aligner with fake teeth inside the aligner can be worn in the period immediately following surgery.

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