The arrival of i7 means that Invisalign re-alignment treatment is available for as little as £1,500

You’ve heard of the iPhone and the iPad and now it’s time to acquaint yourself with the i7.

The i7 is made not by Apple but by Invisalign, a company which has cornered the market in manufacturing clear braces which will re-align crooked and misshapen teeth without anyone knowing you’re wearing them.

Ethicare already offers Invisalign Lite – a course of treatment involving 14 upper and lower aligners.

Invisalign Full is another form of treatment offered at the practice; this treatment is suitable for more advanced orthodontic corrections while Invisalign Teen helps teenagers who haven’t yet got a full complement of adult teeth.

Invisalign i7 is the new addition to the Invisalign Clear Braces family and reassuringly it uses the same science and ClinCheck treatment planning software.

It is deliberately designed to achieve minor tooth movements and is therefore ideal for patients with minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapse. (Orthodontic relapse occurs when teeth move back to their original position after braces treatment. This can be avoided by wearing retainers.)

A maximum of seven upper and 7 lower Invisalign trays are used in a course of i7 treatment; hence the name i7. Fantastic results can be achieved after using the treatment for just three and a half months.

This is significantly quicker than other Invisalign braces which normally take a year to achieve desired outcomes and involve a dental check-up every four to six weeks.
The cost of i7 is also considerably lower than that of other Invisalign products. Before the arrival of i7, Ethicare’s Invisalign prices started at £2,995 – they have now come down to £1,5oo thanks to the new product.

Invisalign braces are particularly popular with people who are uncomfortable with the notion of wearing attention-attracting metal braces. People who don’t want to spend a lot of time fitting and then removing them will be heartened to know that they only need to be removed when you are eating.

Wearing them for most of the hours of the day and night allows them to work their magic!
Invisalign i7 treatment, as is the case with all Invisalign treatments, should only begin after a consultation with your dentist. X-rays can help determine your treatment needs and our Invisalign dentist, Klaudia Tombolis, will be happy to discuss all the treatment options available to you.

Should you be a suitable candidate then Invisalign can manufacture a series of custom-made braces for you and we can oversee all your treatment.

The consultation is free and we provide free home-whitening treatment and a week’s worth of home whitening gel to all our Invisalign patients; good reasons to investigate Invisalign as soon as possible!

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