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Christmas is a season full of hazards for teeth-conscious people – mulled wine, lots of rich food, sweets and treats from parties and at dinner parties can stain your teeth and build up the plaque that causes decay.

So don’t leave your teeth behind – treat them to some special Christmas presents – they’re gifts that keep on giving.

1. An electric toothbrush

If you haven’t got an electric toothbrush already, then now really is the time to brush up on what’s available and invest in one. Your best bet is to choose a model with a removable head, which means you don’t have to buy a whole new brush when the bristles get a bit tired. Prices vary widely, so do your research and select a brush that will reflect your budget and needs.

2. High quality toothpaste

If you are going to upgrade your toothbrush, then you might as well upgrade your toothpaste too. Splashing out a bit in this department is worth it in the long run. Talk to your dentist about the best options for your teeth – for instance, something to whiten your teeth, maybe a sensitive formula or a plaque-buster. It’s a product worth spending some thought and some cash on, because dental hygiene can have a huge ripple on effect in other areas of health.

3. Sports mouthguards

If you like to kick a football around, even occasionally, you should definitely consider investing in a high-quality mouthguard, as they’re used to prevent injury in contact sports such as hockey, rugby and football. Wearing one can increase your enjoyment of these occasionally rough-and-tumble sports. It also looks very professional to wear one!

With flavoured mouthguards now arriving on the market, there are protective oral devices which suit  literally all tastes!

4. Delicious food and drink

What’s Christmas without great food and drink? The good news is you don’t have to compromise your dental health to enjoy it.

On the food front, turkey contains phosphorous which helps create our bones system and makes teeth stronger and healthier by protecting from teeth decay.

Cheese is something which is fine for your smile. Whether it’s crumbly or hard, cheese can help balance your mouth’s pH and produce saliva; killing the bacteria which lurk in your mouth.

Researchers suggest that green tea is good for preventing plaque and decay. Studies suggest that it can also reduce bad breath, so consider investing in an alternative cuppa for the festive season.

There’s nothing wrong with a few treats here and there, but make sure you’re extra vigilant with cleaning your teeth regularly during the festive season.

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