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Generic Clear Aligners

clear-alignersIf you have one or two teeth out of alignment and the teeth require minimal movement you can have a couple of clear aligners constructed for a very low cost of £350. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be expensive or take long to do.

Generic clear aligners are often an option if the orthodontic movement you require is minimal.

The Invisalign process involves the utilisation of very expensive software to produce a series of aligners from start to finish. Invisalign has the patent for this technology.

Impressions are taken of your teeth, the laboratory breaks off the malpositioned tooth/teeth that need to be moved and glues it back in a more aligned position. They then construct an aligner for you to wear. If your case was slightly more severe you could come back for a second or 3rd set of impressions. Every time impressions are taken the inaccuracies are lost from the process. In many cases this can keep the cost down but is generally used for minor orthodontic correction which would be otherwise relatively expensive to correct through the Invisalign process.

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