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How To Avoid Acid Erosion

This is what acid erosion can look like!

Acid Erosion Teeth 224x300


It can cause pain, look unsightly and if very severe can lead to tooth loss. Enamel will start to be affected at pH 5.5.

Here are our tops tips on how to avoid acid erosion:

  1. Avoid acidic food and drink as much as possible
  2. Drinking through a straw means an acid drink has reduced contact time with enamel
  3. Do not brush teeth immediately after acidic food or drink. Brushing in an acid environment will dissolve enamel faster.
  4. Have water, milk or cheese after anything acidic to neutralise the acid. Calcium in milk and cheese can help to remineralise enamel.
  5. Sugar free chewing gum will help to produce saliva which will neutralise an acidic environment
  6. Use toothpastes with fluoride and which help to remineralise tooth structure

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