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Implants, Crown & Bridge

Here at Ethicare Dental we are lucky enough to have a consultant Specialist Prosthodontist, Dr Steve Bassi to deal with our difficult cases. A prosthodontist is a specialist in all aspects of crown, bridge and denture work. Often if you require a lot of dental work or the work crosses a lot of disciplines within Dentistry the complexity goes beyond the understanding and training of most General dental practitioners. Dr Bassi can also deal with severe wear cases where the teeth have been worn down. This can add another dimension to the complexity and is best dealt with by or under the supervision of a prosthodontist. Please ask your dentist to refer you or phone to make an appointment with Dr Bassi if you feel that you fall in this category.



What is an Implant?
An Implant is an artificial tooth consisting of a root and a natural looking replacement tooth. The root is made of titanium, which is placed within the gum to form a secure foundation. The replacement tooth is made of porcelain, or a special plastic (sometimes on a metal base) and it is fitted on top of the titanium root. Sometimes the titanium root is used to anchor a denture firmly in place.

When would I need an Implant?
Implants are used to replace a missing tooth, or to replace a tooth that needs extraction. If a gap is left from a missing tooth, not only can it be unsightly but the other teeth on either side can tip into it over time, causing problems with the bite and in some cases, gum disease. Whilst partial dentures can be used to replace missing teeth, implants are usually a much better option since dentures can hasten the loss of the remaining natural teeth.

Who would be placing my Implant?
Here at Ethicare Dental we are very proud to have a Consultant Specialist Prosthodontist, Dr Steve Bassi to place our Implants. Actually any dentist who has been on some sort of training course can place implants. However we believe that with a procedure such as implant placement it is important that the clinician has had a high level of training and experience. Dr Bassi is about as qualified as you can be (please see his biog. below).The fact that he is a prosthodontist is also important. This means he will have in depth understanding of the crown, bridge or denture that will go on top of your implant. This kind of understanding will inform him regarding the treatment plan that is specific to you, where precisely within the bone the implant should be placed and what type of restoration would be most appropriate. This understanding is not a skill that every dentist who places implants will have.

What does an Implant Involve?

The procedure for fitting an implant is:

  • An Initial assessment, this usually includes x-rays
  • Placement of the titanium root in the jaw, followed by a time period for integration
  • A very minor procedure to uncover the top of the titanium root
  • Taking an impression of the new root and its relationship to the other teeth in the mouth
  • Fitting the replacement tooth onto the root.

In some cases the dentist will be able to combine stages two, three and four. This is termed “immediate loading”. However most implants will need 3-6 months before the replacement tooth is fitted on top of the artificial root.

Dr. Steve Bassi BDS, LDSRCS(Eng), FDSRCPS(Glasg),FDSRCSEd, FDS (Rest Dent), RCPS, MDentSci

dr-steve-bassiConsultant in Restorative Dentistry
Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Periodontics

Clinics: Saturdays 10.30 am – 2.00 pm
Private Appointments: Ethicare Dental Tel: 020 8870 5059

Training and Background

Dr Bassi qualified from the University of London and then entered into a period of General Professional Training that included posts in general dental practice and the hospital services. During this time he gained his Fellowship from the Royal Colleges of Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 1999, Dr Bassi commenced a 5-year Specialist Registrar training programme in restorative dentistry that provided extensive experience of complex restorative problems including the management of patients requiring implant, prosthodontic, periodontal and endodontic treatment. He also passed the Master of Dental Science degree with distinction for his research on resin-bonded bridges. Dr Bassi has lectured extensively and published a wide variety of articles in scientific journals, and also has a Consultant post in Restorative Dentistry.

Specific Interests

Restorative Dentistry – the treatment of general and complex restorative problems including the management of worn teeth, correcting cosmetic dental problems and rehabilitating the failing dentition.
Prosthodontics – crown and bridgework and all types of partial and complete dentures.
Implantology – placement and restoration of dental implants and maintenance/long-term care of implants.
Periodontics – gum treatment ranging from scaling and polishing of teeth through to complex surgical techniques.

Service at Ethicare Dental

Dr Bassi provides a consultation, diagnostic and treatment service in accordance with his special interests.

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