At Ethicare Dental we can provide almost any form of Orthodontic treatment. Indeed we are a london practice that has 3 dental professionals that can carry out one form of orthodontic treatment or another. Dr Klaudia Tombolis is trained to treat patients with both Invisalign and Inman Aligner. Dr Glafcos Tombolis is trained to use Invisalign and Dr Rana Muwahid is our specialist orthodontist and tends to deal with more of our complex cases. They are available to carry out treatment on late evening, early morning and Saturday appointments.

The 2 most popular form of alignment that we do at the practice are with the Inman Aligner and Invisalign. These are both removable appliances. The Inman aligner is worn about 16 hours a day and is best suited to moving the front 4 teeth in the upper or lower jaw- Please go to our Inman page for more details.

Invisalign has various products: Invisalign Full will move all the teeth if this is what is required and you can have as many aligners as is required including a number of refinements at the end of the course of treatment. Invisalign Lite again will move all the teeth but only with a maximum of 14 aligners so this for milder discrepancies only. Invisalign anterior will move only the upper and lower front teeth and again as many aligners as is necessary can be made. Invisalign is their latest product which is targeted specifically for teenagers. Invisalign is not the same wherever you go. It should involve  considerable time effort and input from the dentist for each case if it is to be done properly. Impressions of the teeth are taken. These are sent off along with photos and an x-ray and Invisalign will produce a clincheck video. This will invariably need to be adapted by the dentist in order to produce the best possible result for the patient. This requires attention to detail, experience of orthodontic movement of teeth with Invisalign and a  good cosmetic eye. At that point the Clincheck video can be presented to the patient and advancement into treatment will only occur if the patient is happy. At this point all the Invisalign trays are constructed.

Invisalign is an excellent form of orthodontic treatment and can work for most patients requiring alignment. At Ethicare Dental we pride ourselves in the quality and value for money that patients receive in all forms of dentistry, Invisalign included

Invisalign and Ordinary braces
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