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Loose Teeth

loose-teethBy far the most common cause of loose teeth is gum disease. This can be characterised by loss of bone around the teeth. This usually occurs over a prolonged period but the bone loss can be acute, severe and occur over a much shorter period. For more information about gum disease please go to the gum disease section on our symptoms menu.

Teeth can also feel loose because of the way you are biting together. If the front teeth are taking more of the loading and forces in your mouth this can cause these teeth to feel looser. If you are missing teeth and the remaining teeth are taking more of the load this can cause the teeth to feel loose. If you are concerned about missing teeth please go to the replacing lost teeth or implants section for more information about how gaps can be restored. Missing teeth can lead to teeth drifting or tilting into the gap this can lead to looseness of the affected tooth.

Sometimes teeth can feel loose especially in the lower front area. This is often nothing to be concerned about and is because the width of bone in this area is at its narrowest. It can also be caused as a result of minor periodontal disease and having short roots. This can only be assessed by taking x-rays and having a proper examination. You should not take any risks if you have loose teeth and make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment of some sort it is not unusual for teeth to feel a bit loose during treatment. Remember the teeth need to be moved as part of treatment and it is normal to feel a bit of looseness.If you are concerned however or there are any other symptoms accompanying the looseness please call Ethicare Dental.

If you are interested in getting straighter teeth please go to the invisalign clear braces, generic clear aligners or orthdontist section.

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