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Periodontal/Gum Disease

gum-diseasePeriodontitis is defined as plaque induced inflammation of the tissues around the tooth which has resulted in destruction of the ligament surrounding the root of the tooth and loss of bone.

Periodontitis is characterised by the presence of inflammation of the gums and the formation of a periodontal pocket. The symptoms of gum disease can be: sensitive teeth, receeding gums, mobile teeth, bleeding gums, and acute gum infections.

Periodontal disease can be classified into two main sub categories: gingivitis and periodontitis. It is not always the case that gingivitis leads on to periodontitis. Both are caused by an initiating factor, that it the continued presence of plaque bacteria.

However how our bodies deal with this bacteria is another determining factor as to whether and how the gum disease symptoms alluded to earlier will manifest.

The problem is that there is little way of knowing which patients are going to suffer from periodontitis which is far more destructive than gingivitis. That is to say there is a genetic susceptibility to periodonitis. Therefore we tend to treat both gingivitis and periodontitis at their root cause- the presence of bacteria. If the bacterial levels are kept low we can exert control over both issues.

At Ethicare Dental we have a well defined protocol for dealing with varying severities of periodontal disease which will involve sessions with one of our hygienists and may involve treatment with our periodontal specialist.

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