With the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, the discovery of Gangnam Style and the release of The Hobbit, 2012 gave us plenty to smile about. So which were the best grins of the year? Let’s have a look back over the famous smiles that lit up 2012:

1. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The former Kate Middleton is well-known for her ready, genuine smile. Being royalty, her every move is scrutinised very closely, so it’s important that she keep her teeth in top condition.

[image via BBC]

2. Ryan Gosling

The face that launched a thousand memes, Ryan Gosling’s smile is rare (he is usually snapped looking smouldering), but when we catch a glimpse, it’s a million dollar grin.

[image via iVillage]

3. Emma Stone

The indie-cool actor, who starred in The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, has a low, husky voice and a great set of pearly-whites that she’s happy to flash as often as possible.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]

4. Mo Farah

Another Team GB Olympic hero, Mo Farah’s famous grin got a lot of attention as the double-gold Olympic medallist charmed the nation with his ecstatic smiles and victory dance, the “Mobot”.

Which celebrity smiles were your favourites in 2012? Who else have we missed?

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