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Wisdom Tooth Removal

The guidelines for extraction of wisdom teeth differ depending on the country. Generally it is considered acceptable to carry out wisdom teeth removal if you are suffering from recurrent pain and infection, the wisdom tooth or adjacent tooth is decayed or you have lost bone around the wisdom tooth and this bone loss is compromising the tooth next door.

There is no evidence to suggest that the presence of wisdom teeth cause the front teeth to crowd up and this is not sufficient justification to remove wisdom teeth.

Removal of a wisdom tooth can be very straightforward and often takes far less time that placing a filling, especially for upper wisdom teeth. Lower wisdom teeth can increase the difficulty, especially if there location makes them difficult to access or they are buried or partially buried. The difficulty of the removal of your wisdom tooth will be assessed at your emergency consultation or initial examination. For wisdom teeth considered beyond the scope of our general dentists we have a specialist Oral surgeon working at the practice.

Our oral surgeon is an expert in removing wisdom teeth that most practitioners would consider challenging. The procedure can be carried out faster and in a more comfortable way with often less chance of pain and inflammation as a result. If you are fed up of waiting to have your wisdom tooth removed on the NHS, why not give us a call and we can arrange to have the tooth removed by our specialist oral surgeon in a relaxed atmosphere using our state of the art facilities.

Prospective patients are required to read and understand the Consent for extraction of teeth prior to treatment.

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