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Wisdom Teeth

emergency-dentalFor some people wisdom teeth can cause recurrent problems with regular infections at monthly intervals. Wisdom teeth pain can be caused a they push through the gum into the mouth but more commonly due to food and bacteria getting under the gum which covers the wisdom tooth. This is called pericoronitis.

Wisdom tooth pain can be caused by dental decay or decay which has occurred in the adjacent tooth because the position of the wisdom tooth has made the surface adjacent to the wisdom tooth impossible to clean.

Thinking on how to manage wisdom teeth differs on country to country. In Australia and South Africa they commonly remove wisdom teeth preemptively. My feeling is that we have the management of wisdom teeth in this country is about right. Removing a wisdom tooth is a minor surgical procedure and their are risks involved.

You should only have a wisdom tooth removed if there is good reason. This can range from; recurrent infections, decay in the wisdom tooth or in the adjacent tooth, or severe bone loss around the wisdom tooth or around the adjacent tooth.

We often have patients coming to us concerned that the presence of their wisdom teeth is causing their teeth to crowd up at the front. There is actually no evidence to suggest that this actually occurs. Teeth tend to crowd up and overlap as you get older anyway so crowding is not considered a good enough reason to remove wisdom tooth.

Removal of wisdom teeth can be either incredibly straight forward depending on the situation. For difficult wisdom teeth we have a specialist Oral surgeon working at the practice who can deal with removal quickly and effectively.

The oral surgeon can carry out the tooth removal using Intra-venous sedation should you wish. This will help you relax and will make the extraction more comfortable.

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